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Again I want to thank all the goalkeepers, parents and grandparents who committed their time to getting the goalkeepers to and from Camp everyday. We as Coaches had a great time training the young goalkeepers in the fundamentals of goalkeeping while we elevated the more senior goalkeepers to Advanced Training Modules.
 For those of you that don’t know me I am a no nonsense kind of coach and I don’t like excuses. It seems that’s all we hear these days, I cant do this or that’s too hard or I’ll never be able to save that… Well that’s where I come in because at our Camps and our Weekly Academy Sessions we don’t take no for an answer. So If your goal is to become a top goalkeeper and you have a dream well then Extreme Goalkeepers is the place you want to be…
 Extreme Goalkeepers has been running Camps and Weekly Academy Sessions for all ages of keepers since 2006 and we have helped countless goalkeepers improve their game 100% over the course of 1 week. 
Of course I am at every Camp bringing my my no nonsense style of goalkeeper coaching to every keeper who wants to get to the next level. You see my goal for Extreme Goalkeepers is that I help as many keepers as possible from Canada get Scholarships into North American Universities and get a paid education through the sport we all love.
These are my Goalkeepers on Scholarships in American Universities:
1. Heather Crumplen > Milligan College
2. Brooke Mccurdy> Wright State University (U20 CWNT)
3. Martin Robertson > Detroit Mercy University
4. Nathan Ingham > Florida Gulf Coast University (U20 CMNT)
5. Darrin Macleod > Drake University
6. Danielle Mcintosh > East Carolina University
7. Victoria Della Pia > Albion College
8. Stehanie Bukovec > Belmont University
9. Niko Giantsopolous > Calvin College
10. Jonpaul Della Pia > Walsh University
12. Nyla Peterkin > Ashford University
13. Devon Kerr > Ohio State University (U17 CWNT)
14. Deanna Persico > Farleigh Dickinson University
15. Mackenzie Diotte > Howard University
These are my Goalkeepers on Scholarships in Canadian Universities:
1. Sarah Fiorini > York University
2. Molly Bucholtz > Bishop’s University
3. Max Luburic > University of Toronto
4. Mac Craig > Waterloo University
5. Rachel Burton > Queens University
6. Ben Caranci > Guelph University
7. Ben Cowman > Western University
8. Dave Ellis > Trent University
9. Cassandra Fafslios > McGill University
10. Annalise Buchowski > Trent University
11. Kevin Snee > Royal Military College
12. Alex Christie > Ryerson University
13. Hannah Boshari > University British Columbia
For those goalkeepers who do make the ultimate sacrifice well then I will do whatever it takes to help you achieve your goal. If that means going on trial overseas or trying out for a North American Team I will use whatever contacts are available to me. If you want a Scholarship well then I can help you with that as well and again I will use all my contacts to help you reach your Goal.

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I would like to start by thanking all my Parents and the EGK keepers who continue to amaze me every day with their hard work and determination to be the best they can be.

In the last couple of years, I have changed the way I look at Goalkeeper Training and I am now fully committed to the “Student-Athlete Model”.

This Winter I will continue working with my main club at Whitby FC twice per week and continue to foster new relationships with Private Academies. I am now in my second year as the Head GK Coach for the King City SC as well.

Looks like it’s going to be another busy year at Extreme Goalkeeper as we continue to offer the best in Goalkeeper Education & Advancement. Look for us in Aurora, Whitby and King City.

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Our program combines fundamental skills training with modern cutting-edge technology to enhance development and maximize performance. We emphasize a physical and psychological approach to the game to help our student athletes achieve their best potential.